Thursday, July 24, 2008

26 Weeks

We are 26 weeks today and our check-up this week looked good. "Steady as we go" is how our doctor refers to our situation. Kamryn (the donor) is doing great!! Her fluid levels are normal measuring between 5-6 cm of fluid. Kourtney (the recipient)has more than a normal level of fluid measuring 10-11 cm. This could cause problems for her heart. This is not ideal but at this point my doctor here and my doctor in Philly agree that thre is no reason to do anything at this point. This biggest risk (in addition to the heart problem) is that the excess fluid could cause contractions and pre-mature labor. So, for now we will just watch and wait. And stay on bedrest!!

Be sure to check out our summer pictures at the bottom.

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Kelly said...

It was so great to see your blog. I know you think I'm crazy. You call, but I never call back. I have been working at night this week doing register upgrades. I am so happy to see that the twins are doing well. Are we still on for our girls weekend in August. Remember, if you have the girls before October 30th I still have 1 ticket to the New Kids concert. You could pump before we go! Tell Ken to calm down, I'm just kidding. I promise I will call you soon, once I get my schedule back on track. Let me know if I can do anything!!