Thursday, August 28, 2008

31 Weeks!

We are 31 weeks today. This is a big milestone for TTTS babies. I don't think that any of the doctors ever expected us to make it this far. We saw the doctor this week and he was just amazed at how well the babies are doing. They are in the 45th and 55th percentiles for weight which is wonderful. He said fluid levels look wonderful and they are moving great. He watched them "breathe" for a while and seemed very excited by that. Kourtney has turned again and is now head down but Kamryn is still breech. She just flat out refuses to flip around. I am starting to wonder if their personalities in the womb will be the same out of the womb. Kourtney was the recipient "the taker" and she is crazy - moving, flipping, kicking - pretty much wild. Kamryn was the donor "the giver" and she is much more calm - she does move but nothing like Kourtney. It will be really interesting to see how their personalities develop.

Kendall got her glasses today and she is the cutest thing. She has been so good with them. She has not tried to pull them off once!! One time she brought them to me to put back on - but we realized that they came off when she tried to pull a bead necklace over her head. I really think that she can see better so she wants to wear them. Her ears seem to be doing great as well - not signs of any problems. Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kendall's Surgery

**UPDATE** Kendall's surgery went great and we are already home. She had quite a bit of fluid in one ear, which they drained, but the doc said that she definitely needed the tubes because it would have never drained on its own. This should improve her hearing. She is doing great - just a little tired. Thanks so much for all the prayers!

Kendall will have her tubes put in first thing Wednesday morning. We will be the first surgery - around 7:30. The surgery should only take about 10 minutes, so with recovery time the whole thing should take less than an hour. Please pray for the doctor as he performs the procedure and for Kendall to be calm, peaceful and unafraid. She also got fitted for her glasses today - she looks adorable. Hopefully, they will be in Friday for final adjustments and she will have them for the weekend.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

30 Weeks

We are 30 weeks today. Everybody is doing great. Fluid levels are normal as are heart rates, cord blood flow and cranial blood flow. Kamryn weighs 3 lb 4 oz and Kourtney weighs 2 lb 15 oz. which is essentially about the same. They are within 9% of each other so this is perfectly fine. We had our second "graduation" so now we only have to see the maternal-fetal specialist every four weeks. So we will see him at 34 weeks. We are still seeing our OB every two weeks. We have truly been part of a miracle - it is amazing to see how well the twins are doing compared to where they started. We are so grateful to our doctor for recognizing our problem so quickly and sending us to the best place possible for treatment. Isn't God amazing?!!!

A quick update on Kendall: We saw the ENT doc today and he said tubes are a "no-brainer" for her. She is scheduled to have them put in on Wednesday morning. Please keep her in your prayers - even though she is an old pro at being put to sleep it is never something you want have done to your baby.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today was a "BAD DAY" for Kendall at the doctor

Ken has taught Kendall to put her hands on her head to show she had a "bad day". It is really quite funny and I will try to get a picture up as soon as I can. Well, today she really needed to do that and it wasn't so funny. She had a check up this afternoon and we discovered she has a few problems. First, she had her sixth ear infection since October. This means she will need tubes in her ears. We will see the ENT doctor on Thursday to find out more, but we will try to do the tubes ASAP. We want to be through with this by the time the twins arrive. The other thing that we learned was that she has a problem with her vision. She has what we think is strabismus (one of her eyes turns in). We will see the opthamologist on Monday to see what treatment we will start - probably patch therapy and possibly glasses later on. She also needed two shots (just regular vaccines - but still not fun). The good news is that the non-diary diet seems to be working great for her colon problems. Please continue to keep Kendall in your prayers. We appreciate it so much. None of this has taken away from her sweet, sweet spirit. She is still the happiest, silliest, most loving child you will meet. I thank God everyday that none of this has changed her personality - she is still my same sweet Kendall!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Scott is Married!!

I can't believe that my baby brother is married! He got married at Navarre Beach in Florida so the doctors would not let me go - I was so sad. I have been getting updates all day from Ken. I talked to them as soon as the wedding was over. Karlee was the flower girl and did AWESOME!!! She was so beautiful in her dress. She was the "star" of the show - smiling and throwing her petals as she walked. They all had a great time at the reception, Karlee and Katie danced and danced and even Kendall danced with her daddy. Congrats Scott and Shanna!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

29 Weeks

We were 29 weeks yesterday. Nothing really new to note. Things are still looking good. The babies move around a ton. I can feel (and see) them moving and every week we go in, they have changed position. This week they were laying on top of each other so right now it still looks like a C-section. The doctor has said from the beginning that she would not let me go past 38 weeks so at the most we have 9 weeks to go. At this point, it is really up in the air as to whether we can go that long, but we'll see. We want to get as close to that as we can - and avoid a stay in the NICU. When we see the doctor next week, we will have new weights and measurements to share.

I want to say a special thanks to my neighbors who have been providing meals for us lately. A sweet mom with two young children has organized the whole thing and it has been wonderful. It is so helpful to Ken when he can come home from working all day and not have to cook a meal. The food has been delicious - we are so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors! Thank you all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Flippin' for Summer!

I can't believe that Karlee is only four and she can do a flip off the diving board! She learned to dive several weeks ago and she does it beautifully. Then Ken taught her to flip. It is so cool. I am so glad that she is having fun at the pool. That is her special time with her daddy and I know they both treasure it. I kind of feel like the girls have been robbed of their summer because of all the baby drama. There were so many things that we planned to do with them that we had to put on hold - beach trips, ball games, playin in the pool, storytime at the library, playdates with friends, picnics, etc. Oh well, we will have plenty of summers to do all these things (we will just have two more people). Ken has decided that we need to get a camper so that we can afford to go on vacations. This summer is almost over and we will go back to our "normal" routine. I can't believe that most schools around have already started. Karlee will start on Monday. I can't believe that summer is over.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

28 Weeks

We are 28 weeks today. Our doctors appointment this week was good news again!!! Both babies have normal levels of fluid, hearts look good, blood flow looks good. In fact, we are doing so well that we "graduated" to visits every two weeks instead of every week. We have increased our OB visits to every two weeks, so we are still going weekly to see somebody. The only not good news (not really bad news) was that both babies are breech. Kamryn has been transverse for a while but in one week Kourtney flipped totally around and is now head up also. This is not good for me becuase I want to have a normal delivery and not a C-section! Thank you so much for all your prayers - God is listening and answering. We are so blessed.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Kendall is 15 months

I can't believe that Kendall is 15 months today. She is growing like a weed. She is just about the funniest kid I know (besides Karlee of course). She has this silly grin she does that just lights up her whole face. It is amazing that she is so happy and cheerful after all she has been through. (It's a long story - lets just say she has seen her share of Children's Hopsitals around the country.) She has two new tricks - drinking from a straw and doing a "roll-over". I don't think Karlee could drink from a straw until she was at almost three. She loves her big sister and her favorite game to play is hide-n-seek. She will "hide" her eyes with her hand while Karlee hides and then she will go find her. When she finds Karlee, she squeals with delight. My sweet, sweet Kendall!