Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beach Vacation Days 3 & 4

Not much going on the the way of exciting adventure here at the beach. Just doing what you are supposed to do on vacation - relaxing!!!! We hit the beach early both days and stayed until lunchtime. Remember that Karlee and Ken have been home for gymnastics camp but we had Paige and Aunt Lynn to take their place. Kendall headed to the beach early with Paige and Tanner both days while the twins and I followed a little later. Kami LOVES!!!! the beach and the ocean. She like to go out with me past where the waves are breaking and just float and hang out bobbing up and down with the waves, She likes to play at the edge of the water and dig with her shovel. She is not afraid of the ocean at all and will run right in if she sees someone that she knows. She likes to dig in the sand and make sandcastles as long as she has a bucket of water to play in as well. Kourti is the exact opposite. She does not like the ocean at all and she doesn't particularly care for the beach either!! The first two days she was ok to play in the sand but stayed away from the ocean. Today she spent the whole time sitting in her Nen-dad's lap. Kendall likes to dig and play in the ocean and she had really been great at the beach. Ken and Karlee got back early this evening after an interesting car ride down with Mama Sandy and Papa.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beach Vacation Day 1

We arrived this afternoon and had time for a quick trip down to the beach. It was sooo windy but it helped with the heat. Ken and I decided that this would be the best night to go out to eat so we headed out to Crabdaddy's. It was very crowded so we went next door to the CrabTrap. We enjoyed some good seafood and then had time to go back for a quick swim in the pool. Great start for a fun week at the beach!!

Beach Vacation Day 2

What a great day we had today!! We hit the beach early (we were there by 9:30) so it wasn't so hot. Karlee had a great time riding the waves on her boogie board with her daddy. Kendall tried once but she preferred to dig in the sand. The twins came down a little later. Although they were not too thrilled with the feel of the sand at first, after a few minutes they got used to it and started to play. Kamryn loved being in the ocean, but Kourtney was like Kendall - she was content to just sit and play in the sand. We came in for a lunch break and then put the twins down for a nap. Ken, Karlee, Kendall and I headed back down to the beach with Aunt Lynn, Paige, Aunt Amy and the boys. The kids decided to dig a big huge hole which took them quite a while. We enjoyed relaxing and I even found a few minutes to read.

Ken and Karlee had to head home tonight so she could go to a few days of team gymnastics camp. We dropped them off at the airport in Jacksonville. They took a quick flight and are home and ready for camp in the morning.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pool Party!

Ok so it wasn't really a party but we sure did have a great time at the pool tonight. Kendall has been taking swimming lessons from Mama Sandy with her daddy. She is doing awesome - it doesn't hurt that her buddy Mercer is in the class as well. Today she jumped off the diving board by herself!! She is so proud. Karlee, of course, is a water bug. She is working on perfecting her dive and doing a front flip off the diving board. The twins are too funny. They love the water and ususlly spend most of thier time in the baby pool but tonight we brought them into the big pool. They love to be dunked and as soon as you bring them up they say "ginn, ginn" meaning again. They squirm and wiggle trying to get loose unware of what will happen when they do. The like to float on their back, be thrown in the air, kick their feet and jump in. Papa, Aunt Kay and Kerry came to watch the fun! We had such a fun time together as a family playing in the pool!

Daylily Festival

I participated in my first Arts & Crafts Festival recently. It was the Daylily Festival in Gray. It worked out perfectly because Ken's parents live there and could help out with the kids and also his mom has a lot of friends that might buy my products. I worked for a few weeks to get everything made and my creative, super organized friend Marlana came to help me finish up and get ready to go. Here are some pictures of my booth and some of the products that I sold.

I personalized products on-site - cake carriers, Halloween buckets, sand buckets, decorative containers, cups, trays. These are great for summer cookouts and picnics to keep up with your dishes as well as great gift ideas. They can be personalized with any name and any colors. Let me know if you are interested in getting some for yourself or others. I also sold handmade decorated trays and buckets as well as magnet boards. We did really well for our first festival and we are excited about doing another one soon. Just not in the SUMMER! It was way too hot.

I Must Have Lost My Mind!

Karlee's new gymnastics team had a potluck dinner tonight for everybody to meet and get to know each other. We had a great time meeting all the level 3 girls and their families. After the dinner, Ken and the big girls headed to the pool and the twins and I headed home. I had a crazy idea to run in Macy's and see if I could find a new bathing suit and cover up for our beach vacation next week. I didn't have a stroller but I thought that I could handle the twins for a few minutes while I looked for a suit really quickly. NOT SO MUCH!!! They were wild. Running around, pulling clothes off the racks, hiding, chasing each other, climbing up the step stool, emptying everything out of my purse and wallet, smiling sweetly and waving to everyone! Next time I will bring my stroller!!