Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Judges Blast Off!!!

Today was the big day! Our first gymnastics meet - the Judges Blast-Off in Roswell. Ken was so nervous for her that he could hardly sleep the night before. She did great!! She tied for 5th on beam and 6th on floor. We were so proud!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vinyl Products

I shared some of the items from my craft fair back in June and was planning to set up a website to sell them all. But, I just haven't gotten that situated yet so I wanted to post a few of the new items I have for sale. Let me know if you are interested in anything or have questions!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy Busy Days

We have been busy busy lately. We are getting adjusted to a new school year. Karlee loves 1st grade. She really likes her teacher and her classmates. She has homework every night - no more than 15 minutes though. She is still doing gymnastics three days a week and has her first meet on Saturday!!! She is getting very excited. Kendall loves school also. She goes MWF and thinks she is big time. Her teacher has praised her for being very helpful to a classmate who doesn't speak English. I think it had something to do with popsicles and helping him select a flavor - but the more I think about it, I am wondering if she was going to "help" him by eating the popsicle for him!! Kendall is also going to gymnastics class every week. She really enjoys it and comes home telling me all the fun things that they have done. We have also started back all of our church activities - Cubbies, AWANA, bible study, Wednesday night supper and children's choir. We have tried to squeeze in a few last trips to the pool as well but we are slowly running out of time. Gymnastics meets and football season is upon us! Just wanted to add some cute pics of Kam and Kourt. They are growing up sooo fast. They are like little sponges absorbing everything you do and say. They are really talking well - they repeat all kinds of things that their big sisters do - especially if it gets a laugh.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day (Again!)

Kendall's first day of preschool finally arrived after much waiting and anticipation. We went to open house on Friday to check out our classroom and meet her teachers. She was a little apprehensive but warmed up quickly especially when she saw all of the cool toys in the room. She liked the cash register and the reading nook best.
She was all smiles on her first day.
She was excited to see her teachers again and be-bopped right out of the truck in driver line. She had a great day and was a very good helper to some of her classmates (not sure about how that's gonna work out - she IS a good helper but for the twins who are younger!). We are looking forward to what this year will bring!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kendall's Big Day

Kendall had a very busy day today. She started the day out by having blood drawn to be tested for celiac disease. She did awesome! We were so proud of her. A few tears but nothing compared to when she had a shot last week. The lab tech was great - she was so fast and quick, Kendall didn't even have time to protest.
Her prize for being so good was a trip to Waffle House for waffles and cherry coke. Then she headed home to play with her grandparents while I had a meeting. After lunch, she headed to her first gymnastics class. She has been waiting to go to gymnastics for months but we had not been able to find a class that fit in our schedule. She had a great time - her teacher was impressed with her ability to do a pullover with straight arms and pointed toes. She loved the "ferris-chute" (parachute) that they did at the end of class. She finished the evening off with a trip to the pool and dinner from "pinocchio's" (Inoko's).

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Lake

We have been waiting for weeks to go to the lake with our friends. So we headed down as soon as school was out on Friday and spent the weekend on the lake. It was a blast. Karlee and Kendall couldn't wait to get into the lake.They begged to go tubing and had a blast. Ken was a little hesitant to let Kendall go with out a grown up but she did great. I could not believe Karlee - she loved it! She begged to go fast and loved when we would sling her in circles.
The twins even got in on the fun with a boat ride and a dip in the lake. However, they much preferred to play on the porch where they could keep an eye on all the happenings!
We had some amazing hosts who were so generous to let us come and stay - thanks Papa Bill, Dede, Kyle and Jess! We had a blast!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

First Day of First Grade

A new school year is upon us and we are excited about first grade!! Karlee really likes her new teacher, Mrs. Britt. I think that it is going to be a great year. She has one of her classmates from last year in her class again. She also has a friend from the pool in her class as well as several other kids we know. When ever I hear "first day of first grade" this song keeps running through my head. It covers every grade and it is a very catchy tune - its from Jonah: A Veggietales Movie
Billy Joe McGuffery
Now Billy Joe McGuffrey was a really clumsy kid
On the first day of first grade, I'll tell you what he did
He tripped over a pencil box, flew up in the air
Landed on a kangaroo who pulled out all his hair
First aid in the first grade
First aid in the first grade
First aid in the first grade
You could buy a zoo with all the doctor bills he paid

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pool Time

We had a blast playing at the pool with my cousins Monday night. Blair, J.R., L.E. and Joseph came up from Florida to visit for a few days. We enjoyed grilling out at the pool and then swimming. I took some pictures of the girls - I haven't taken many at the pool this summer. L.E. is a great photographer and took tons of pictures of all the cousins playing. Even the adults got into the action - Ken, Scott and I did flips and dives off the board and Meredith had the best back dive of the night. Papa even did a comedy act that ended up with him going off the board as well. These are just some pics of the girls - L.E. has the ones of all the cousins so I will post those as soon as I can get them from her.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Canopy Birthday

Karlee's friend MG had her birthday party at a trapeeze studio called Canopy. She and Kendall were so excited to be able to try the trapeeze. It was such a fun time and Karlee really enjoyed it.