Friday, November 21, 2008

Life with many small children

Things I say at least 1o times a day (no, I am not kidding - I really counted one day!)

  1. "Kendall - take ________ out of your mouth." Feel free to insert anything in the blank. Yes, I do mean ANYTHING!! My list includes socks, crayons, the twins pacifiers, shoes, money, Polly Pockets, Fred (the dog!!!), any small pieces of food found on the floor, in her car seat or stuck to her clothing, fuzz and strings from clothes, paper and stickers.

  2. "Karlee give ______ to Kendall. I know it is your favorite/you had it first, but if you give it to her, I PROMISE she will stop screaming." In this case, the blank is whatever Karlee has. Then she will give it to Kendall and get something else. Then, you guessed it, Kendall wants that instead. Well, actually she wants both.

  3. "Kendall, DON'T TOUCH THE BABIES!!!!!!!!!!" Kendall, who weighs 31 pounds, has terrible balance and no idea what gentle means.

Did you notice that they all involve Kendall? I guess that is what happens when you live with an 18 month old. Add her to the oldest who is 4 going on 13 as well as the newborn twins and things get a little KRAZY. Life becomes one wild ride and all you can do is hold on tight and hope for the best - and throw your head back and laugh!

Update on the twins: Kamryn and Kourtney are five weeks old today. They continue to do well for the most part. We have discovered that Kourtney seems to have the same problem as Kendall. Most of you know we spent the first year of Kendall's life traveling around the country from specialist to specialist trying to determine what was wrong with her colon. After Atlanta, Augusta, Dallas and Boston it was determined that she had a milk protein allergy. I noticed the same signs and symptoms that Kendall originally presented with so I decided to call the doctor. He said that it sounds like Kendall's situation so he put Kourtney on alimentum for a week to see if this make a difference. She has been on it since Tuesday and we can definitely tell a difference. Since they are identical, Kamryn has it too - she just never had any symptoms since she has been on formula since she was a week old. So, we will be getting a goat when the twins turn one to supply milk for 3/4 of our children!! Other than this problem, the twins are doing good. Kamryn weighs 9 pounds and 1 ounce and Kourtney weighs 8 pounds and 1 ounce. They look exactly a like but the weight difference makes it easy to tell them apart for now.

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