Friday, December 5, 2008

What a busy week (and it's not over yet!)

We have had a very busy week around the Wells household. Things started out on Sunday morning with Baby Dedication at our church. We were so excited to show off Kamryn and Kourtney to our church family who had so diligently prayed for them since June. It was a Sunday of "miracle babies and answered prayer" as Bro. Bill put it. Then Sunday night we decided spur-of-the-moment to do one of our favorite traditions and go see the Christmas lights at Lake Lanier's Magical Nights of Lights. So we bundled everybody up and loaded them in. We had a great time - Karlee remembered going in the past and was super excited to tell Kendall all about what was going on. We let the girls sit in the front in our laps and they had a blast. Kendall enjoyed the light but not as much as the carnival rides at Santa's Village. She had a ball on the carousel and train but the flying cars were her favorite. It was a cold, drizzly, dreary night but we had a great time and I hope it will be something the girls remember for a long time.
Monday we had a little breather, but Tuesday was PICTURE DAY!! The twins had a session called "Tiny Treasures" that morning where they take pics of their hands and feet as well as pics with Ken and I. They did great but we had to stoop in the middle to feed so it took a while. Then for some crazy reason, we decided to go the Mall of Georgia to take Christmas pictures that night. It was a zoo in the picture studio and Kendall got all out of whack. Ken finally asked to move to a back room (we had been in the front window where everyone was gawking at us). Kendall settled down and did much better there and I think the Christmas cards turned out great. Let me know what you think when you get yours! Ken rewarded the girls with a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop where they made Moose and Anna, Christmas moose whose antler light up. They were so cute walking back - poor Kendall was dragging her box/house because it was as big a she was.
Today we took Kendall to see a pediatric opthamologist in Atlanta about her eyes. We just wanted to get a second opinion from a specialist since you only have one pair of eyes. They tested her for muscle weakness as well as checking her vision. She seems to be "extra" far-sighted (apparently all children are far-sighted but their eyes work like zoom lenses to see things). This causes her eye to cross as she is trying to focus. Her glasses help her to focus with out the extra work. He said that she doesn't need surgery but will probably continue to wear the glasses. Most kids grow out of this around age 12. So, we will see him every four months for now (we will cut it to every six as she gets older) to check the prescription of her lenses as well as have a yearly exam to look for major changes. He did tell us this could run in the family, so he wants to check Karlee at the next visit.
In the midst of all this we have been finishing up the addition. The final plumbing went in on Monday. Wednesday they fixed the heat/AC and put down the quarter-round and we got our CO (certificate of occupancy) so we can move in but we still have work to do before that can happen - cleaning, doorknobs and garage door. Ken did get his garage cleaned out so he can at least park his truck inside.
Coming up we have lots planned for the weekend. Karlee and I will be attending a production of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" with her class and then have lunch at Chick-fil-A on Friday morning. Saturday we have a Boy Scout pancake breakfast with our cousins in the morning, followed by the Watkinsville Christmas parade. Then we have special plans Saturday night and I have a cookie swap on Sunday afternoon as well as a Toy-for-Tots party to attend. WHEW!! I think next week is a little slower although we are going out (TWICE!!) for my birthday.

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