Monday, July 20, 2009

VBS - The Boomerang Express

The week that we came back from Philly was VBS week at our church. I was helping with the 2 yr old class - which was just for workers kids but we still had about 12-14 kids each day. They let Kendall move up to this class since I was working. I missed the first day because we were coming back from Philly, but we jumped right in on Tuesday when we got back. I was so impressed with us that we managed to get there on time everyday - 8:00 am is pretty early for us to all get up, shower, get dressed and eat. I had a great time teaching Kendall's class. However, I did learn that I never want to be a preschool teacher - you have to have an abundant amount of patience. Kendall loved it. She listened to story time, made crafts, played music went to recreation and made snacks. Because most of our kids were new to using the bathroom like big kids - we had a lot of bathroom breaks. In the older kids classes, the were collecting offering to be used for the area food bank. To up the ante, the boys and girls were competing to see who could raise the most money. The losing team would get a pie to the face of their leader "Mr. Chan" or "Ms. Christi". Karlee was pumped about the contest and came home everyday wanting money. Being the awesome mom that I am, I wanted to make the most of this teachable moment so I offered to match the money she earned doing various chores around the house. She worked very hard to raise money for her team. But when she came home the third day and told her daddy that the boys were still winning, he decided that he would have to help her out. So, he pulled out the box of change that we kept under the bed. We had so much that Karlee could not even lift the bag. She brought her loot in on Friday which also happened to be "Wacky Hair Day". I think the girls were extra motivated and they managed to beat the boys. Overall it was a great week and the kids raised over one thousand dollars for the food bank.

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