Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Top Secret Personal Beeswax!!!"

Karlee and I discovered Junie B. Jones a little over a year ago and we love her. She is the funniest kindergartner/first grader I know. Sometimes I am laughing so hard when we are reading that I have to stop and catch my breath. Junie B. is always getting into some kind of trouble and it is so fun to find out what happens in the end. Karlee has been asking about a Junie B. movie for months, but I read somewhere that the author, Barbara Park was not interested in making a movie about Junie B. Karlee was very disappointed. When I saw that she was coming to the Classic Center as a children's musical, I think I was more excited than Karlee (but she was pretty pumped too!) It was fall break so Ken and I both got to go and we took Kendall as well as Karlee. We met the Griner boys and some other friends there.

It was a great show. Karlee really liked it. I caught her doing the dance moves and singing along with the theme song at the end. Mary and I loved Camille and Chenille, Lucille's "new" best friends in 1st grade - I think we laughed as hard as the kids!

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