Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snaggle Tooth

Karlee had an exciting day yesterday. She got off the bus with a huge grin so I knew that something was up. When she smiled at me, I saw that she had a huge hole in the front of her mouth. I asked what happened to her tooth, she replied "I lost it!". It was very loose but she doesn't like to touch or wiggle her loose teeth so we were just leaving it alone. At school she was biting into a cookie and it stuck straight out and started to bleed. So, the sent her to the nurse who pulled it out. She was so excited. She also had a great practice yesterday! On Wednesdays they work on level 4 skills (the next level up from where she is now) and she did her round-off back handspring with very little spotting from her coach. She was very proud of her self and told her daddy that she thought she wanted to move up to level 4.

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