Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Karlee

Karlee celebrated her 7th birthday on Friday but it was really more of a week long celebration. We had dinner and cupcakes on Monday with the Bishop family . . .
Dinner and cake on Tuesday with the Wells family . . .
A date with her daddy to the Varsity on Wednesday. And to finish off the week, a birthday party at the Georgia Gymdogs meet. We had such a great time. They started off the meet wishing Karlee a "Happy Birthday"
The nice guy from the GA Center (where we met all her friends for the meet) gave her a bulldog for her birthday. Notice we are all wearing our pink for the Pinkout for breast cancer.

We had a visit from Hairy Dawg who lead the girls in singing Happy Birthday. Such sweet girls! They were so good at the meet - they all got along great, made new friends and were so nice and kind to each other.
HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY KARLEE GRACE!!! I hope it was the best one yet!

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Drew Watts said...

That’s so sweet! Pink for the cause, it’s a wonderful idea. Happy birthday to the little one, she is very adorable. My daughter will also turn 7 this month and I have booked an event space Atlanta for her birthday celebration. It’s good to teach your kids something nice like this. I will surely do it for her as well.