Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kendall's Spring "Break"

We were planning to leave town on a Saturday night to head to Daytona Beach for Spring Break. Early Saturday afternoon, the girls were playing in the garage and Kendall came inside crying. She said she had fallen on the concrete and her arm was hurting. She gets hurt all the time so at first we didn't really think anything too serious. However, as time went on, she continued to cry and complain that it was hurting. Ken and I decided that it might be something serious and since we were going out of town, we wanted to be sure. Karlee was going to be a runner for the NCAA Gymnastics Regional meet so I took her to that while Ken took Kendall on the the doctor. Long story short - the x-ray showed no break but a lot of swelling which usually means a break. So they made her a half-cast and we headed off to the beach. By Monday morning she was still complaining of pain and she had fallen so much that she had broken the cast! Ken decided that she needed to see an orthopedic so he made some calls and got her an appointment on Tuesday. This time the doctor was able to see a small fracture and put on a hard cast. She was such a trooper and has done great with the cast. She was very, very proud of it.

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