Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

I know that I should just give in and rename this "Not Me Tuesday" but I have high hopes of returning to my regularly scheduled blogging one day.

I did not almost fall out of the booth laughing so hard at Mary Griner singing about the "square" when we were having dessert tonight. If you know Mary, you have to get her to sing the song. Ken and I were not having dessert with Mary and Chris after our Valentine's couples night for Mothers of Multiples(MOM). We did not have a BLAST on our double date and we did not spend most of the night swapping stories about our kids.

I did not have this conversation with Ken today:
Ken: "Look who just confirmed me as his friend on Facebook."
Me: "Who?" and when I look it says "Mark Richt".
Me: "Whoa!! That's pretty cool." - then after a few minutes "Wait . . . how many friends does he have?"
Ken: "Like 1500"

I know that I did not hear Kendall say "JESUS" when I asked her what her name was!! Not me, Not my kid.

Not so funny and entertaining this week, I know. Either it really was that uneventful of a week or it was so wild and crazy, I have chosen to block it all out in order to preserve my sanity. Maybe next week will be more less exciting???

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