Monday, June 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are finally back home after many, many days away. I spent the day unpacking and doing laundry. Karlee is doing Blooming Artist Art Camp this week at her old preschool. She is making some really cool folk art - a mobile out of a tree branch and a three dimensional tree. There are probably some official, fancy art words for what they are doing, but I unfortunately do not know them (sorry Ms. Leslie). But they are really neat and I can't wait to hang them in her room. We went swimming tonight and I think we may have created a monster. Kendall loved swimming around in the pool and Ken asked her if she wanted to jump off the diving board like Karlee. She said yes so I walked with her out to the end assuming that she would totally change her mind. She had her floaties and her big fish ring on and she just be-bopped right out to the end and jumped. She loved it!!! And asked to go again. And again. And again. Finally we had to tell her that it was enough for tonight. She took it better than I though and didn't cry. She was so proud of herself and I didn't even have my camera to capture the memory. What kind of mom am I?

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