Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been busy, busy lately. The week before last we were house-bound for the week with the flu. Kendall was the only one who officially tested "positive" but I took Karlee to the doctor with Kendall and he said she probably had it too since she was running a fever. So Karlee stayed home from school M-W and Kendall (who only goes Tu & Th) stayed home all week. Karlee went back on Thursday but had early release on Friday so she was home by 11:30. We also stayed home from church on Sunday, Wed and Sun again. Needless to say - by the end of the week we were desperate to get out of the house - and have a break from each other.
On Saturday & Sunday we headed out for a "get-away" - we were looking for a recliner to replace the one in our bed room that had broken. (Now, I know that you are thinking "a recliner? . . . in the bedroom?" Yes -in the bedroom and I use it EVERYDAY!! It was the ultimate bachelor recliner that Ken had before we even knew each other. When we moved to this house, I emphatically told him that it was not going in "my new house". He made his case and I finally agreed that it could go in the bedroom. I am willing to admit - here in public - that I used it more than he did. I nursed and rocked all four of my babies, slept many a day and night, graded more papers than I care to think about, read over 500 books, folded hundreds of loads of laundry, fixed many, many pig- and ponytails and enjoyed countless movies and TV shows all in the recliner. And one day last week, I sat down and that back just fell off - I guess 14 years is pretty good for a recliner. Anyway, we wanted one exactly like it but did not want to pay and arm and a leg for one.) We searched Athens and the Mall of Georgia area and found nothing. So Ken's parents checked around Macon and found one that sounded like it might work. So we headed there on Monday (Labor Day) and found a great recliner for a GREAT price in Macon. Karlee and Kendall also found a recliner that suited their fancy!

So Monday we spent the day in Gray, Tuesday we headed back to school in full force - Kendall and Karlee both. Kendall had a great time - she really loves it and really missed it when she was out. Tuesday night I had a MOMS (mothers of multiples) meeting at Taquiera del Sol (awesome corn and shrimp chowder and good conversation with other moms who know what it is like to have TWO - or more - kids the same age) and then headed to bible study. We finished our current study and are getting ready to start a new study next week - We will be reading and discussing Crazy Love by Francis Chan and I am sooo excited. It is going to be great. Wednesday we headed back to church for family night supper, AWANA, Puggles and bible study (Beth Moore's The Inheritance - it is AWESOME and no homework!!!) Thursday morning we had the Kindergarten breakfast at Karlee's school. Everybody went - Karlee was a little concerned because that "would be six people and we would probably need a whole table and my class only has three tables you know." We quickly explained there would be plenty of room because they would be using the whole cafeteria for the breakfast and there would be enough room for all the kindergartner's and their families.
Thursday afternoon I had my first session of S3 - Super Science Sleuths - the science class that I am teaching a Kendall's preschool. I have eight 3 and 4 year olds and we had a great time learning some basic science skills for our first class. This week we will be learning about WATER - wonderful, wet, water. Thursday afternoon was soccer practice and then dinner with my cousin Kerry. Friday was a little slower, just a trip to Sam's for tailgating food. Saturday was GAME DAY - GOOOOOO DAWGS!!! But before we could tailgate, Karlee and Ken had soccer and then Karlee had a birthday party at the skating rink. After the party we headed down to the Ramsey for our tailgate. We enjoyed hanging out with family and friends - the Fullers and Griners stopped by for a while. Then Ken and I headed home with Kendall and the twins to meet the babysitter. We dropped them off - all crying of course - and headed back to the game to join Karlee and Ken's family.

Sunday held an Open House for our new church building, family reunion for lunch, Birthday party for our neighbor in the afternoon and children's choir that night.
Now here we are - another Monday - beginning a week that looks just a busy as the last.

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