Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Karlee!

Karlee celebrated her 6th birthday on Thursday - but it was a pretty low-key celebration since her dad and twin sisters had the stomach bug that has been going around. I went to school to eat lunch with her and and bring a yummy snack. She was excited that she got to invite a friend to sit with us and then pass out cookie sandwiches. We were planning to have dinner that night but ended up just ordering pizza and hanging out - Ken was sick in bed. He was feeling a little better by Friday and was able to stay home with the twins while I took Karlee, Kendall and a friend (MG) to the Gymdogs Meet. Karlee was excited to spend the evening with her friend as well as see the gymnastics girls. By the end of the meet she was getting pretty tired. And we found out why around midnight - she woke up and was sick all in her bed. When we finally got her settled and all cleaned up after several more episodes of sickness it was close to morning. Her party was supposed to be Saturday morning at School Street Gym but we had to cancel. She spent the day in bed - sleeping most of the time. I really think that she felt bad because she never complained about not being able to have her party. Her fever got as high as 104! Tonight, I finally feel like things might be getting back to normal. We even sang "Happy Birthday" and had some cupcakes.

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