Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is Here, Spring is Here, Its the Best Time of the Year!

What a beautiful day we had today! I am glad that I got to spend time outside with the girls - they played on the trampoline, the twins figured out how to climb up the ramp so they could slide!! They loved it, asking to go again and again.
We have been busy lately - we are finally fully recovered from the stomach bug. Kendall and I managed to avoid it but everyone else succumbed. Once they all started feeling better, we celebrated Karlee's birthday several times with both sides of the family. I think that we kind of enjoyed having it stretched out over a long time - she got presents for over a week! So between celebrations, we had church, gymnastics, lunch and dinner out with friends, a carnival birthday party, science class and even a lunch date with my husband (at the Big Easy - you have to try to chicken and apple salad with peppers- its GREAT!!).

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks
Birthday Celebrations!

Kamryn and Kourtney Love Cheetos!

Trying Out a New Toy (yes it is PINK!)

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