Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

We have been very busy these last few weeks.

Gymnastics: Karlee is really doing well at her gymnastics. She is getting very good!! She has been practicing 2x a week for several hours but she will be switching to a new gym beginning Monday. It will be a better fit for us all around. She hopes to be able to compete in the fall. Kendall has been begging for gymnastics classes since Karlee started taking again. Mama Sandy gave her "lessons" for her birthday so they have been going once a week.

End of School! Kendall finished out her school year with a "See You Later Alligator" party. They had swamp snacks, played alligator tag and made alligator crafts. We had a great year at Friendship Preschool and she loved Ms. Suzanne and Ms. Christy. (She thinks she and her friends are going to camp in Ms. Suzanne's car but she will need to bring her own booster seat because Ms, Suzanne doesn't have one!) Karlee had Field Day last week. I still haven't figured out all the games that they played but I do know that she had a great time. She had her party yesterday and her daddy and I both got to go. They played games outside (including water balloon toss - her favorite), got tattoos and face painting, did the limbo and made ice cream sundaes. The twins have been busy playing and causing havoc around the house. They love to go outside and especially love playing in the water table. Hopefully the will love the pool as much. Speaking of the pool, we tried it out last weekend to make sure it was ready for opening day. The water was surprisingly warm and we are excited for the pool to open.

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