Monday, July 5, 2010

Beach Vacation - Days 5-9

Well we have been so busy enjoying our vacation that I haven't posted until now. We are now at home but I'll catch you up on the last few days at the beach.
Day 5 - Rainy Day Movie - it poured at the beach so we decided to go see a movie. The kids were begging to see Toy Story 3, so Amy and I loaded them up and headed out. After a little issue with movie times and a gushing downpour of rain, we made it to the movie. The kids enjoyed popcorn and soda and the movie was great!!! Woody and Buzz make me laugh - they are a great comedy team. I did cry at the end though. A good way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Day 6 & 7 - Beach Time - we spent the days hanging out at the beach. It was very windy so it was a little sandy and the water was a little rough, but we still had a great time.

Day 8 - Happy Birthday America! - we spent the day hanging out, going to the pool, digging in the sand. We finished the day with BBQ, a festive flag cake, glow sticks and fireworks!!
Day 9 - Heading Home - we skipped our tradition of breakfast at The 4th of May and picked up Sweet Mama's instead. Love the pork pops (cheese, bacon and sausage bite sized biscuits)!

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