Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beach Vacation Days 3 & 4

Not much going on the the way of exciting adventure here at the beach. Just doing what you are supposed to do on vacation - relaxing!!!! We hit the beach early both days and stayed until lunchtime. Remember that Karlee and Ken have been home for gymnastics camp but we had Paige and Aunt Lynn to take their place. Kendall headed to the beach early with Paige and Tanner both days while the twins and I followed a little later. Kami LOVES!!!! the beach and the ocean. She like to go out with me past where the waves are breaking and just float and hang out bobbing up and down with the waves, She likes to play at the edge of the water and dig with her shovel. She is not afraid of the ocean at all and will run right in if she sees someone that she knows. She likes to dig in the sand and make sandcastles as long as she has a bucket of water to play in as well. Kourti is the exact opposite. She does not like the ocean at all and she doesn't particularly care for the beach either!! The first two days she was ok to play in the sand but stayed away from the ocean. Today she spent the whole time sitting in her Nen-dad's lap. Kendall likes to dig and play in the ocean and she had really been great at the beach. Ken and Karlee got back early this evening after an interesting car ride down with Mama Sandy and Papa.

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