Friday, September 5, 2008

32 Weeks

We are 32 weeks today. I don't have anything new to report because for the first time since June 13, we had a week with out a doctors appointment. I am sure this will be the last, since we are getting close to our due date and my OB appointments will be every week.

Kendall is doing great with her glasses. She doesn't pay any attention to them - unless they get bumped and crooked - then she comes to me right away to get them fixed. Once we caught her with the nose piece in her mouth, but I honestly think they fell down near her mouth instead of her pulling them off. She is doing well with her colon problems and is growing like a weed (she was 16 months on Monday). She loves to eat and fruit is her favorite. Karlee will tell you "the child loves some fruit now!"

Karlee is three weeks into pre-school and is loving it. She could already write her name but now she is learning lowercase letters as well. I love that her teacher is doing a lot of science with them as well. They are doing "speriments" - each week they will learn a new science concept based on the letter they are studying. This week was "absorption" for short "a". (By the way there is a great new show on PBS called Sid the Science Kid - that teaches basic scientific concepts. It comes on at 7:30 am and then again mid-morning.) She is also taking art class on Thursdays with her teacher from last year- Ms. Leslie. She is also playing soccer this fall on her Uncle Tommy's team with her cousin Tanner.

I worked in Kendall's room/the nursery a few days ago and got some stuff done. (Ken was worried the babies were coming because he thought I was nesting!!) I packed up most of Kendall's summer clothes, got out newborn sizes to be washed and tried to figure out how to fit all of Kendall's things and all of the twins' things in the same room until we get the addition finished. Ken has been working hard all week talking to subcontractors and getting bids for framing, electrical, etc. Hopefully we will be able to start on it soon so it can be finished before Christmas. Karlee really wants to share a room with her sister - she thinks they will sleep together everynight.

That about covers what we have been up to lately. I should have more to post about the twins after our doctors appointment next week.

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