Friday, September 26, 2008

35 Weeks

We are 35 weeks today. Things are still looking great. The babies are doing great. Fluid levels are good, heart rates and breathing are good. They are moving around a lot and everyday there is less and less room for them to move. Kamryn is still breech so a C-section looks definite. The only problem seems to be that my iron levels are low and even with medicine they are continuing to drop. I am trying to eat lots of red meat and green vegetables. We are just a little concerned because when Karlee was born, I had a some excessive bleeding. I didn't need blood but they had some trouble getting it stopped. There is a little more risk of blood loss with a C-section and twins. Please pray that my hemoglobin levels will increase.

They have started on our house. They have graded and poured the footings and the walls. Ken is going to try to get it filled in this weekend so they can pour the slab for the garage early next week and then they will start framing. I "requested" that the framing be finished before the babies come home so we don't have hammering with newborn babies in the house. This should give them about two weeks to get the framing done which should be no problem. Things seem to be moving right along. We just need the weather to continue to cooperate.

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Amy said...

Hey, Greer. Glad to hear the babies are doing well. I will definitely be praying for your iron levels to rise.
As for the framing, I'm know it's preferable for them to be as far along as possible, but the babies will probably be the least bothered by it. When Madeline came home from the hospital, we were getting a new roof (of course, it was scheduled to be complete days BEFORE that). It did not affect her in the least. Now us on the otherhand.....