Thursday, August 28, 2008

31 Weeks!

We are 31 weeks today. This is a big milestone for TTTS babies. I don't think that any of the doctors ever expected us to make it this far. We saw the doctor this week and he was just amazed at how well the babies are doing. They are in the 45th and 55th percentiles for weight which is wonderful. He said fluid levels look wonderful and they are moving great. He watched them "breathe" for a while and seemed very excited by that. Kourtney has turned again and is now head down but Kamryn is still breech. She just flat out refuses to flip around. I am starting to wonder if their personalities in the womb will be the same out of the womb. Kourtney was the recipient "the taker" and she is crazy - moving, flipping, kicking - pretty much wild. Kamryn was the donor "the giver" and she is much more calm - she does move but nothing like Kourtney. It will be really interesting to see how their personalities develop.

Kendall got her glasses today and she is the cutest thing. She has been so good with them. She has not tried to pull them off once!! One time she brought them to me to put back on - but we realized that they came off when she tried to pull a bead necklace over her head. I really think that she can see better so she wants to wear them. Her ears seem to be doing great as well - not signs of any problems. Praise the Lord!


Anonymous said...

The answer is probably "yes." I knew who my toublemaker was going to be....and wondered the same thing. It's really amazing. Glad Kendall is doing so great. The glasses are darling on her!

Amy said...

Greer, I finally had a chance to check out the blog. It is great! Love the pictures. Kendall's glasses are very cute. I look forward to following the updates on here.