Thursday, October 2, 2008

36 Weeks!

Only two more weeks!!!!!!! We are 36 weeks today and we got some great news at the doctor's yesterday. Kamryn has turned and is now HEAD DOWN! This means that I can try a regular delivery if I want to. We will stick with the date of the 17th and if she is still head down then it will be an induction instead of a C-section. My hemoglobin has also come up since last week. It is still not as high as they would like it to be for a C-section but it is improving. We are trying to decide what is the best/safest option for me and the babies.

The babies bags are packed and the stroller and car seats are ready. We are going to put the bases in the car next week. We have one cradle and we are getting the other this weekend. The garage slab will be poured either Saturday or Monday and the framers are supposed to start on Wednesday.

I can't believe that the babies are almost here. I am so excited but so nervous. I have no idea what to expect with two. It will be a great new experience. We have waited so long and with so much anticipation as well as uncertainty, that it will be so wonderful to actually have them here.

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