Friday, October 24, 2008

1 Week Old

We've survived one week!!! It has been crazy. The twins and I came home on Monday and it was a restful afternoon once we finally got home. We were at home on Tuesday also. Wednesday we had to take the twins to the doctor for a weight check. Kamryn was down to 6 lbs. 7 oz. and Kourtney was down to 5 lbs. 9 oz. so the pediatrician decided that we needed to start supplementing them with formula. So he had us give a bottle after every other feeding. Thursday I got to go to Karlee's school for her book fair - she was so excited that I could go places again. Then she and Kendall had to get flu shots - they did great!! We sent both grandmother's while I stayed with the twins at my mom's. The pediatrician accused Ken and I of giving them the "dirty job" but Karlee didn't cry and Kendall only cried for a minute or two. I was so proud of them.

We really started to notice yesterday that Kamryn was not nursing well, nor was she taking her bottle well. We got some baby scales today to weigh them and she had lost another 3 ounces since we had seen the doctor on Wednesday. This really concerned us - since we had been supplementing for two days,they should not have lost any more weight. We talked to the doctor again tonight and he wants to try Kamryn on bottles only for tonight and then we will see him in the morning. Ken and I are concerned that maybe she has some issues from the TTTS since she was the donor. Please keep her in your prayers. We will update you all in the morning after we see the doctor.

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