Friday, October 10, 2008

37 Weeks!

We are 37 weeks today! They measured the babies this week - Kamryn is measuring 6 lbs. 13 oz. and Koutney is measuring about 6 lbs. The doctor was a little concerned about the difference in their weights, so she called our specalist. He said that he was not concerned - they had checked blood flow, breathing and heart rates and the smaller baby seemed to be doing great - so no cause for alarm. It is common for TTTS twins to have a fairly large difference in weights. When they performed the surgery and separated the connecting blood vessels, each baby got their own "half" of the placenta. Except, this division is rarely a true 50-50 split. In our case, the donor (Kamryn) has about 40% of the placenta and the recipient (Kourtney) has about 60%. This means that Kourtney should be the larger baby - we are not really sure why she is not but she is healthy so that is all that really matters. My hemogloabin is continuing to increase, it is 11.2 now so that is great!! Especially since Ken started an antibiotic and they would not allow him to donate blood like he had planned. Also, Kamryn has turned AGAIN and is now transverse (or crosswise) with her head back in my ribs. So it looks like a C-section again - for now anyway. I guess it will be week-to-week or even day-to-day since she seems to be turning and flipping so much.

House News: They got the slab poured for the garage on Tuesday and were supposed to start framing on Wednesday but that was before the monsoon of rain. While the rain was much needed in our area, it caused a HUGE problem at our house. We had major water build up all around the new foundation that had been poured as well as building up under the house. It was crazy for about 5 hours as Ken, his dad, and my dad worked in the rain and mud hooking up pumps and hoses and digging trenches for the water to drain. They finally got it all pumped out and we thought the rain was finished only to wake up and find out that it had rained more in the night and there was water everywhere again!!! Thankfully, the rain stopped for good and Ken was able to get it pumped again and not miss too much work. It has all worked out and the framers are here today and may even get the second story finished by tonight. Yeah!!

Check back often for updates on the babies - ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

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