Thursday, April 9, 2009

For The Love of Pink!

Now you probably know, that as a family of four (five if you count me) girls that pink would naturally be one of our favorite colors. And it is - despite the fact that when we found out Karlee was a girl, Ken swore no pink, ruffles or hairbows - our MOSTLY favorite (as Eloise would say.) We LOVE pink and have, use, buy, pick it when ever we get a chance - cupcakes, markers, shirts, cups, shoes, syrup (yep - Strawberry by Smuckers - yummy!), bubble gum, soccer balls, cars, pencils, underwear, Pink Princess Punch (our version of raspberry lemonade), bathing suits, blankets, pants, socks, sunglasses, toothbrush timer - toothbrush - toothpaste (Karlee went to the dentist today), baby bottles, ice cream, books (Pinkalicious is one of our favorites), bath water (Crayola color dots!), Barbie clothes, plates, sheets, straws, towels, applesauce, crayons, purses, bouncy seats and most recently this afternoon, Easter basket grass.

In fact, I have this conversation at least once a day:
Karlee: "Mommy, can I have the pink one?"
Kendall: "No, pink - me!" (Although I'm not so sure she really knows pink since almost everything you show her and ask the color, she calls pink.)
Me: "Stop - there are two pinks so you can both have one"

There is one time place that we do not love pink and that place is in our EYE! Yes, three of the four girls have pink eye - Karlee is the lucky one for now. We took Kourt in to the pediatrician because she has had runny nose, cough, gunky eyes and this morning, a fever. Well, turns out she has pink eye and an ear infection in her left ear. We also asked him to check Kam - she has pink eye also and an infection in her right ear. Since Kendall was also with us, he checked her eyes too - and you guessed it! - pink eye. So everybody is on eyedrops (you would not believe the price for a teeny, tiny bottle) and the twins have an antibiotic as well.

So today we did not have so much love for PINK- but ask us again next week - and I bet we'll be back to lovin' it again.

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