Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not Me Monday

It was not me who got TWO parking tickets today while I was at school. I was running late this morning so I had to park along the same side of the street as all the other cars from school where I normally park but about five feet outside the school gate. When I got back to my car at noon when I was leaving, I saw two pieces of paper on the windshield. It was TWO parking tickets - one for $10 for parking on the wrong side of the street and $15 for parking on a yellow curb. People park there all the time!!!! It was right outside the school gate!!!! In 17 years of driving, I have never gotten a ticket for anything - "not even a parking ticket" - and now I get TWO tickets at one time!

It is not me who says "don't hit your sister in the face", "hey, get off her", & "let go of your sister" NOT to my almost 2 yr old and 5 yr old, but to my 6 month old TWINS!!! I know that it is because they sleep practically on top of each other and are with each other all the time but, come on, they could leave each other alone for a second. I never thought I would say those things to them.

During the "Spring Clean out" we did over the weekend, it was not my family that had enough junk to fill 10 12 14 large - I'm talking lawn & leaf-sized - trash bags. Ken did not have to back his truck up to the garage and load all the garbage and drive down the driveway because we had so much!

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