Saturday, January 23, 2010

Holidays!! (Part III CHRISTMAS!!!!)

Christmas Morning at our house: Santa Claus came and he was very good the 4 K Girls! Karlee got an American Girl Doll - Kit Kittridge and a beautiful fancy bed for her along with lots of other great things. All Kendall asked for was flip-flops (which are a little hard for Santa to get in December - but he came through) and she got a pair just like Karlee's. She was also very excited about her Little People Amusement Park and Ruthie -who is Kit's best friends (but not a real AG doll). Kourtney and Kamryn got a Laugh N' Learn Kitchen, dollhouses, clothes and lots of other neat stuff.
After we finished seeing what Santa brought we got ready to head to my mom's house. We enjoyed opening presents with Scott and Shanna. The twins had fun playing with the wrapping paper and bows and Kendall was excited to get some Barbies of her own. Karlee really enjoyed her mini voice recorder and outfit for Kit that Mama Sandy's friend made. We made personalized calendars for the grandparents with pictures of the girls and Kendall loved giving it and showing off the pictures. After lunch we headed down to Gray to celebrate with the Wells side of the family. After the dust settled from a whirlwind of opening gifts, Karlee received a Vera Bradley wallet and Kendall got an iron and ironing board. The twins were not into opening their own presents but they did like to play with everyone else's presents.

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