Sunday, January 24, 2010

Holidays! (Part IV)

After our whirlwind Christmas we headed off to visit my Grandmother Mickey (GGM) in New Jersey. We have been going as much as possible so she has many chances to see the girls. They are her only great grandchildren so we want them to see her as much as we can. We usually try to take several days to get there so we are not in the car so long. It is a 14 hour trip normally but with kids it is at least 16 hours.
We had a great trip up. Kendall especially, loves to stay at a "hotel, motel, Holiday Inn", although we rarely stay at a Holiday Inn. We spent most nights on the road at a Country Inn & Suites - they have a suite with two separate rooms, great breakfast with homemade waffles (and free!!) and really reasonable rates. We went through Williamsburg, VA on the way up but it was sooo cold and windy that we did not want to be outside at all.
On Wednesday we opened Christmas presents with GGM - we got her a calendar too! We also made our biannual trip to Ocean Grove - a quaint little town on the shore. We always visit the cheese shop and the yummy bake shop. There are tons of cute little shops - Karlee and Mom found some cute Ocean Grove t-shirts and a bookstore.

In New Jersey, we stay at a Holiday Inn Express that also has a two room suite, indoor pool and yummy breakfast. Karlee and Kendall love snuggling together and watching the Disney-on-Demand shows in the hotel.
We woke up on Thursday to a beautiful snowfall. Karlee and Kendall had a great time playing but it was a very cold, wet snow. The twins were not too sure about it - I think it was a little cold for them but GGM loved watching them.
We left on New year's Day and made a quick stop in New York City!! We drove through the Holland Tunnel and right in with no traffic at all. We wanted to take Karlee to the American Girl Store and see the city decorated for Christmas. All the decorations were still up and it was so beautiful. We saw the tree at Rockefeller Plaza, the nutcrackers outside of Radio City and the amazing store windows along 5th Avenue.

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