Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kendall's Big Day

Kendall had a very busy day today. She started the day out by having blood drawn to be tested for celiac disease. She did awesome! We were so proud of her. A few tears but nothing compared to when she had a shot last week. The lab tech was great - she was so fast and quick, Kendall didn't even have time to protest.
Her prize for being so good was a trip to Waffle House for waffles and cherry coke. Then she headed home to play with her grandparents while I had a meeting. After lunch, she headed to her first gymnastics class. She has been waiting to go to gymnastics for months but we had not been able to find a class that fit in our schedule. She had a great time - her teacher was impressed with her ability to do a pullover with straight arms and pointed toes. She loved the "ferris-chute" (parachute) that they did at the end of class. She finished the evening off with a trip to the pool and dinner from "pinocchio's" (Inoko's).

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