Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy Busy Days

We have been busy busy lately. We are getting adjusted to a new school year. Karlee loves 1st grade. She really likes her teacher and her classmates. She has homework every night - no more than 15 minutes though. She is still doing gymnastics three days a week and has her first meet on Saturday!!! She is getting very excited. Kendall loves school also. She goes MWF and thinks she is big time. Her teacher has praised her for being very helpful to a classmate who doesn't speak English. I think it had something to do with popsicles and helping him select a flavor - but the more I think about it, I am wondering if she was going to "help" him by eating the popsicle for him!! Kendall is also going to gymnastics class every week. She really enjoys it and comes home telling me all the fun things that they have done. We have also started back all of our church activities - Cubbies, AWANA, bible study, Wednesday night supper and children's choir. We have tried to squeeze in a few last trips to the pool as well but we are slowly running out of time. Gymnastics meets and football season is upon us! Just wanted to add some cute pics of Kam and Kourt. They are growing up sooo fast. They are like little sponges absorbing everything you do and say. They are really talking well - they repeat all kinds of things that their big sisters do - especially if it gets a laugh.

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