Monday, August 9, 2010

The Lake

We have been waiting for weeks to go to the lake with our friends. So we headed down as soon as school was out on Friday and spent the weekend on the lake. It was a blast. Karlee and Kendall couldn't wait to get into the lake.They begged to go tubing and had a blast. Ken was a little hesitant to let Kendall go with out a grown up but she did great. I could not believe Karlee - she loved it! She begged to go fast and loved when we would sling her in circles.
The twins even got in on the fun with a boat ride and a dip in the lake. However, they much preferred to play on the porch where they could keep an eye on all the happenings!
We had some amazing hosts who were so generous to let us come and stay - thanks Papa Bill, Dede, Kyle and Jess! We had a blast!

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