Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Flippin' for Summer!

I can't believe that Karlee is only four and she can do a flip off the diving board! She learned to dive several weeks ago and she does it beautifully. Then Ken taught her to flip. It is so cool. I am so glad that she is having fun at the pool. That is her special time with her daddy and I know they both treasure it. I kind of feel like the girls have been robbed of their summer because of all the baby drama. There were so many things that we planned to do with them that we had to put on hold - beach trips, ball games, playin in the pool, storytime at the library, playdates with friends, picnics, etc. Oh well, we will have plenty of summers to do all these things (we will just have two more people). Ken has decided that we need to get a camper so that we can afford to go on vacations. This summer is almost over and we will go back to our "normal" routine. I can't believe that most schools around have already started. Karlee will start on Monday. I can't believe that summer is over.

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Marlana said...

The girls will be all the better for having a Mom so committed to her family. Guilt and longing will get you absolutely nowhere! We love you and miss you and CCHS is not the same without you!