Thursday, August 21, 2008

30 Weeks

We are 30 weeks today. Everybody is doing great. Fluid levels are normal as are heart rates, cord blood flow and cranial blood flow. Kamryn weighs 3 lb 4 oz and Kourtney weighs 2 lb 15 oz. which is essentially about the same. They are within 9% of each other so this is perfectly fine. We had our second "graduation" so now we only have to see the maternal-fetal specialist every four weeks. So we will see him at 34 weeks. We are still seeing our OB every two weeks. We have truly been part of a miracle - it is amazing to see how well the twins are doing compared to where they started. We are so grateful to our doctor for recognizing our problem so quickly and sending us to the best place possible for treatment. Isn't God amazing?!!!

A quick update on Kendall: We saw the ENT doc today and he said tubes are a "no-brainer" for her. She is scheduled to have them put in on Wednesday morning. Please keep her in your prayers - even though she is an old pro at being put to sleep it is never something you want have done to your baby.

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brossettelewis said...

I'm glad to read you are passing 30 wks w/ TTTS uneventfully. We did the 4 under 4 things too and although it is's awesome.

Here's hoping for an uneventful month.