Wednesday, March 18, 2009

5 Months!!

I cannot believe that the twins are five months old!!! It seems like yesterday we just found out we were going to have them. They are really starting to have personalities. Kamryn is still a little bigger than Kourtney but the difference is getting harder to notice. Kourtney is the cool, calm, laid-back one - she rarely fusses, smiles a lot. Kamryn is more high-maintenance. She cries more - but just because she wants to be held and entertained. She has a big, giggly grin that she showers upon anyone who looks her way. They both love attention and will smile and giggle at all the little old ladies who stop to see them (and believe me, there are quite a few}. Kam used to be the thumb sucker but apparently she has gotten her sister hooked too although neither is a big time "sucker" (they don't really use their pacifiers much anymore either). They love their toes and try to put them in their mouths any chance they get. Tonight I caught Kamryn trying to eat Kourtney's toes!!. They love each other and sleep best squished up together in their cradle. We just got out the exersaucer a few days ago and they really enjoy playing in it. We have also just started cereal - oatmeal actually. Kam is a big time eater - she gobbles it up but Kourt is not too crazy about it. She pushes most of it out and gets pretty frustrated with the whole process. I will have to work with her a little more at times when she is calm and not so hungry. They are wonderfully healthy, happy babies with no signs or symptoms of TTTS. Truly miracles!!! Pictures will be coming soon.

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