Friday, March 27, 2009

Rain & Pancakes

This yucky, nasty rain continues and we decided that we needed a break - something fun and different. We pondered a few ideas: Chuck-E-Cheese (Ken's idea believe it or not), Chick-fil-A with it's indoor playground, Pump It Up! (Karlee's choice), Waffle House & play songs on the jukebox (my idea) and "chickie" (Kendall's choice). We finally decided on IHOP, cookies to decorate and then Kohl's to shop for "spring shoes". We started at IHOP where we all had pancakes and all the girls used pink and purple syrup (boysenberry and strawberry - Ken used regular - BORING!!) Then we headed to Creative Cookies to decorate cookies. For around $2 you can get a really big, good-sized cookie with 2 colors of icing and sprinkles. Karlee and Kendall had fun decorating and "tasting" the icing and sprinkles. Then we brought the cookies home to eat later. Ken also went next door to a bakery called Bee's Knees and got some yummy cupcakes - red velvet and yellow with chocolate icing. By this time we were all too tired for Kohl's so we promised Karlee we would go another day when we had more time. It was a fun evening and got everybody out of the house for a while - although we still didn't get to run and play.

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