Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 6 - Family Time

We had a great last day and a half at GGM’s:

  • We went to Max’s for hotdogs, onion rings and root beer. Ken can’t stand the taste of root beer but Karlee and I love it! The hot dogs are foot long, crunchy on the outside and fried on the griddle. Served up with ketchup and spicy brown mustard (and sauerkraut if your so inclined), they are delicious!! The onion rings are handmade and Kendall ate them up.

  • GGM, Aunt Lois and Uncle Bob came to watch the girls swim in the hotel pool. Kendall really warmed up the 2nd time in and had a blast. She was much more relaxed and floated around in her floaties with Mama Sandy. GGM enjoyed seeing them playing and having fun and was very impressed with Karlee’s swimming.

  • Aunt Lois and Uncle Bob gave the girls gift cards to Barnes & Noble for their birthdays, so we went Thursday afternoon to let them pick out some books. Karlee is pretty familiar with a bookstore and how to find the kinds of books she likes. She found a Junie B. Jones book she didn’t have, books about Strawberry Shortcake & Eloise and Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Kendall had a blast playing with lots of different books and Mama Sandy let her “test drive” some to see if she was actually interested for more than a few seconds. She ended up getting a look-and-find Blue’s Clues book. They each used their “credit cards” at the front to buy their books. I think Aunt Lois and Uncle Bob enjoyed seeing them.

I am glad that Grandmother Mickey got the see the girls agian - they have all changed so much especially Kendall and the twins. We had a great time and can't wait to come back and see her agian soon.

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