Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 7 - Crayola, The Art of Childhood

Due to my middle child’s love of all things crayon, markers, Crayola, (if you don’t remember, check out the picture in this post) and my oldest’s love of all things crafty, we all very excited to visit the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA. Ken was hoping for edible crayons and disappearing ink markers. We left GGM’s at noon and headed for coloring bliss. The Crayola Factory is not the actual factory (apparently that is 7 miles down the road) but they do have a short program where they do demonstrations to show how crayons and markers are made. We saw the last show of the day so we actually got to come up and make our own markers instead of just watching. They had tons of activities for the kids – color wonder, crafts, finger-painting, coloring stations, sculpting with model clay and even a station with melted crayons. They give you a few tokens with your tickets and you can buy more to use to “buy” small packs of crayons, markers and modeling clay. The girls loved it!!! When we finished the factory, we headed over to the Crayola store to see the world’s largest crayon and to get some Crayola goodies. They both did a “choose your own” crayon tin where they got to pick their own colors and everybody (even the twins) got t-shirts as well as a few other goodies. We had a great time and I would definitely recommend it. By the way, Kendall's favorite flavors are pink flamingo, sky blue, best friends (purple) and fun in the sun. No, that was not a mistake - I meant flavors not colors. Remember Kendall EATS her crayons.

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