Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 3 - Memorial Day: A parade, a Picnic and the Pool

Day 1 & 2 has been updated - check it out!

We had a great memorial day today. We are in New Jersey at my Grandmother Mickey's (GGM). She is my mom's mom and will be 90 in November. She has some heart problems and has been feeling pretty bad lately. So, we were hoping our visit might perk her up. I think it has worked so far today - she had a great day. This morning we went to a Memorial Day parade in my grandmother's town - she walked down to the parade route (about 2 blocks)and sat for the whole parade. Karlee and Kendall had a great time - the Veterans in the parade were passing out flags so they had a blast waving their flags and gathering candy. GGM had brought bags to keep their candy in. The firetrucks were really loud and hurt Karlee, Kamryn and Kourtney's ears but Kendall wasn't fazed a bit. After the parade we went to the neighborhood park and let Karlee and Kendall play and swing. Then we went to GGM's church for a picnic of hamburgers and hotdogs. We enjoyed visiting with some old friends as well as my Uncle Dale. This afternoon, we let GGM rest and we went to ride around and get the girls to sleep. Ken and Karlee stopped at the Pier Village for root beer and a treat at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Then we headed to Strollo's Lighthouse for Italian ice. My mom and her friends used to ride their bikes to Strollo's every Saturday during the summer, so it was neat to take the girls there. If you have never had a real Italian ice, you are missing out!! I had lemon, Ken and mom had cherry and Scott, Shanna, Karlee & Kendall had blue raspberry. Yummy!! Later we headed to the pool at the hotel for a swim and then back to grandmother's for dinner -leftover pizza from Freddie's Pizzeria (another of mom's childhood memories).

What a great day! My aunt and uncle arrive from Indiana late tonight so we will enjoy seeing them tomorrow.

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