Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another First Day

Kendall had her first day of school today. She is proud to tell you that she goes to "Friendship", and that "Miss Suz-ANNE and Miss Cris-TEE" are her teachers. She was quite proud of herself this morning as we were getting ready to go. She wanted to carry her bag with no help and even tried to pick up the bags of supplies as well. She hopped right up into the truck with Ken and Karlee, gave me a big smile and waved as they drove off. She and Ken dropped Karlee at school and then headed off to breakfast. As the entered The Big Easy, the man behind the counter called out "Good Morning Ken! Who's that you've got with you today?" They had grits, bacon, toast and some great conversation. Kendall informed her daddy that she was going to play and "make a silly face" at Miss Suz-ANNE. She went right into the classroom when they got to school and headed back to the kitchen area to get the babies. It sounds like they had a busy day:

Art : "Momma-I paint with my fingers!"
Outside time: "I swing and go on slide!"
Storytime: "I sit on my K, Karlee and hear story"
Snacktime: "petzels and teddy bears"

I am so glad that she had a good first day and I know that she is going to love going to school!!

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