Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Off to Kindergarten

Karlee had a great first day at kindergarten. Ken walked her in this morning but she had no problems going right into the classroom. She ate almost all of her lunch - I was worried that she wouldn't eat and then be hungry later. She loved the playground at recess, especially the jungle gym and was very disappointed when they had to go in early because of thunder. She built hula hoop houses in PE and sat at the yellow table for lunch. I was almost in big trouble because I forgot to send a snack but it was Tripp's birthday so they had Popsicles for snack time.

I was a little sad this morning but Kendall, the twins and I kept busy. I played legos with Kendall, checked up on all the back to school moms on facebook, took Kendall to the bathroom, heated bottles, helped Kendall get dressed, fed the twins, uploaded the "back to school" pictures, changed diapers, fixed and ate breakfast, took Fred out, cleaned up the kitchen, gave Kourt and Kam a bath, folded clothes, put the twins to bed, folded more clothes, cleaned up the bonus room, washed some clothes, put Kendall to bed, made my tutoring flier, picked up legos, k'nex and Mr. Potato Head, cleaned up the bathroom from bathtime, put away clothes, took Fred out, got Kendall up, played babies with Kendall, got the twins up, changed diapers, fixed lunch, fed the twins, took Fred out and finally loaded everybody up to get Karlee.

I hope tomorrow is another great day for Karlee.

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