Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hula Hoop Queen

It is hard to get information out of Karlee about school. I don't think that it is because she is unwilling to share, but rather that she "can't really remember anything." So we probe and pry for any little bits of info that we can get. Which is why I was so surprised yesterday when she offered this story:

"Mama - I won an award. I was the best hula hooper! I was the best so I had to go to the boys room and show them how to do it. "

How about that! I didn't even know she could hula hoop. We don't even own one - I have mention once or twice getting one but we have never gotten around to it. Maybe now we should.

She also rode the bus for the first time yesterday. She was a little nervous at first but her good friend Will called to tell her all about it. He explained how fun it was, how "you don't even have to wear your seat belt" but that you do have to "sit down in your seat all the way home." She smiled and nodded, then told him okay, handed the phone to me and told her daddy "I still don't want to ride the bus." We convinced her to try it for one day and see how it goes. She did well - didn't seem nervous or scared when she got off but she was sooooo hot. Her cheeks were flushed, she was sweating and she told us it was "too hot - she wasn't riding tomorrow!" I asked her to try one more day but I am afraid it is going to be just as hot today so maybe we will take a break until the weather cools off just a little. She is excited about having art today and I look forward to seeing what she creates. She also told us Mrs. Brown said they will have homework on Tuesday, so I am anxious to see what she brings home.

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