Friday, August 14, 2009

Grocery Trippin'

Just a typical day in the Wells household - laundry, breakfast, baths, picking up toys. Oh yeah, and go grocery shopping. The new Publix off 316 in Bethlehem is only abut 10 minutes from the house. It is new so it is very nice and clean. All the people are super friendly and they always have lots of sample. If we go in the morning it is never crowded and best of all - the buggies. They have "rocket ship" buggies that have a place for two kids at the front plus two baskets for groceries as well as room underneath. The top basket is perfect for Kendall to ride in. So I can go by myself and still be able to get groceries. I used to go but I would have to take the stroller and then I couldn't fit very many groceries in the basket.

(Kami - Don't text and drive!!)

We had a great time - Kendall got a cookie, the twins "drove" around and I got everything I needed.

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