Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

Since nobody commented on Not Me Monday last week, I am going to attempt it again. Let me know what you think!!

This past week . . .

I did not have to change the sheets on my bed because I made a HUGE mess changing a dirty diaper. I did not end up giving Kourtney a bath because she was covered in the said mess from head to toe. I was not secretly excited that I bathed her with the "nighttime" wash that helps babies go to sleep and I did not say a little prayer that it would help her sleep until seven in the morning.

I did not attend a "Christmas" party on Friday night for Ken's office - it is January right? I was not SUPER excited about going because it was a bowling party and I love to bowl - so that means that I am certainly not a dork - and because there were going to be grown-ups there. I have not socialized with other adults since before June. And, I DID NOT laugh (really hard) when they told me Ken was bowling and he threw the ball backward. Nope, not me.

After finally hooking up the Wii, I did not fail to do my lesson plans for the week in favor of playing bowling (we already established that I like to bowl) with Ken. I also did not sit for at least 15 minutes trying to figure out how to play the Disney Princess game that Karlee got for Christmas. And I would never do that by myself!

Wanting a few minutes of quiet, I did not pretend that I had to go to the bathroom so I could read a few more pages in my book.

When Ken called me into the girls' bathroom last night for baths, I did not see Kendall eating the colored foam (really soap) that Karlee was calling ice cream. I also did not see her drinking the bath water because that would be really gross and a good mother would never let that happen.

And I know that I did not hear my 4-year old say "Awww Smack it!" when she spilled her snack the other day. I would never have laughed either!!

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