Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's that time again . . .

Saturday we went to The Picture People to have the twins 3 month pictures made. Why I scheduled them for 1:20, I am not sure, but the store and the mall were packed. While we were waiting (with our double stroller, four kids, six outfits, three shopping bags & one bag of cookies), I DID NOT try very, very hard to hide the fact that I was laughing as Ken chased Kendall out of the store and down the mall. I kept expecting them to come back in any minute, but I kept waiting and waiting and they didn't come. By this time I was a little worried, but I did not chuckle really hard because that meant that Ken was still running after her through the mall. By the time they got back, I was not about to bust at the seams with laughter, because I knew that he was going to be furious and embarrassed. I think she made it about three or four stores before he was able to catch her.

Once we had the pictures taken (everybody did quite well even though the babies were getting hungry), I did not observe the following behaviors from my family: screaming - despite my best efforts to rock, bounce, stroll, carry, cover mouths, beg for them to "please, please" be quiet, scold and even bribe - from three of my four children, running with head thrown back in laughter as your dad/sister chases you, eating off the mall floor, scattering of every credit card/picture/library card/money/insurance card/receipts in my wallet, multiple phone "conversations" between Kendall and whoever she was calling and gallons and gallons of spit up from the twins that required the use of multiple burp cloths, napkins, and wipes. I did not witness any of these behaviors because my children would never act this way as it would be a poor reflection on their mother.

During the above mentioned time, Ken and I were not sitting on the floor against the wall trying to feed the babies, while at least ten people stopped dead in their tracks and stared. One little old lady just stared with her mouth wide open.

One of my 9th graders (that I thought I taught so well) did not give me this answer to a question about why the "Unsinkable" Titanic sank: "It hit the ICE BIRD"!!!! Yes, I am serious - that was his answer.

My husband did not sheepishly inform me that "it could be the regular Pepsi she drank at Target" when at 10:30 I pondered why Karlee was not asleep yet. I am not so sure what they do on their trips to the store to get groceries and other must-haves, but I can see I need to provide some stricter guidelines.

Again, I would never neglect my teaching duties for something more interesting, so last night I did not play on Facebook instead of grading paper and entering grades.

Hope you enjoyed - Have a great week!!!

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