Monday, June 28, 2010

Beach Vacation Day 2

What a great day we had today!! We hit the beach early (we were there by 9:30) so it wasn't so hot. Karlee had a great time riding the waves on her boogie board with her daddy. Kendall tried once but she preferred to dig in the sand. The twins came down a little later. Although they were not too thrilled with the feel of the sand at first, after a few minutes they got used to it and started to play. Kamryn loved being in the ocean, but Kourtney was like Kendall - she was content to just sit and play in the sand. We came in for a lunch break and then put the twins down for a nap. Ken, Karlee, Kendall and I headed back down to the beach with Aunt Lynn, Paige, Aunt Amy and the boys. The kids decided to dig a big huge hole which took them quite a while. We enjoyed relaxing and I even found a few minutes to read.

Ken and Karlee had to head home tonight so she could go to a few days of team gymnastics camp. We dropped them off at the airport in Jacksonville. They took a quick flight and are home and ready for camp in the morning.

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