Friday, June 18, 2010

Pool Party!

Ok so it wasn't really a party but we sure did have a great time at the pool tonight. Kendall has been taking swimming lessons from Mama Sandy with her daddy. She is doing awesome - it doesn't hurt that her buddy Mercer is in the class as well. Today she jumped off the diving board by herself!! She is so proud. Karlee, of course, is a water bug. She is working on perfecting her dive and doing a front flip off the diving board. The twins are too funny. They love the water and ususlly spend most of thier time in the baby pool but tonight we brought them into the big pool. They love to be dunked and as soon as you bring them up they say "ginn, ginn" meaning again. They squirm and wiggle trying to get loose unware of what will happen when they do. The like to float on their back, be thrown in the air, kick their feet and jump in. Papa, Aunt Kay and Kerry came to watch the fun! We had such a fun time together as a family playing in the pool!

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